Come for a themed walk around Ipswich and finish off with Tea and a cake at one of the many cafes in the town. 

We offer a variety of topics each lasting about 90 minutes, and setting off from The Hold at 2 pm.  The price includes the cake and drink.


and look for Afternoon Tea Walk:


11/03/22 Right Royal Connections 
Ipswich has been home to an Anglo Saxon King and a Dowager
Queen of France. We’ve also received visits from Prince Albert
both Queen Elizabeths, and a host of other royals, both British and
foreign. On this walk we can follow in their footsteps and hear how
they got on in our town !

 08/03/22 Remarkable Women of Ipswich.
Today is International Women's Day, when his-story becomes
her-story, celebrate with the inspirational tales of local women
overcoming the odds to become pilots, war workers,
suffragettes,archaeologists or famous writers. archaeologists or
famous writers.

 25/03/22 Maritime Matters.
Hear tales of Anglo Saxon settlers, Viking invaders, medieval
merchants, Victorian engineers and discover how the waterfront
continues to be an essential part of the success of Ipswich

 07/04/22 Explorers and Adventurers.
Ipswich is a town founded by adventurers from across the North
Sea. Join a walk to discover more about the bold adventurers and
explorers, from those early Anglo -Saxon invaders, builders of
China’s first railway to a daring female pilot and more, all of whom
have helped to shape the history of this ancient and fascinating

 20/04/22 Ipswich Medics.
Stroll around sites associated with inspirational Ipswich medical men
and women, and their pioneering advances. Hear about our Ipswich
Nobel Laureate, and our first female doctor, and others who helped
in the fight against smallpox and gout.

Date to be confirmed Name Dropping
We take a look at some of the notable people connected with Ipswich
who have not only helped shape the town, but have made an indelible
mark on national, and international history.

19/10/22 Merchants and Manufacturers
Wander to the Waterfront to hear tales of Ipswich's merchants -
From Medieval to Modern times and of how manufacturing in the town
flourished from the early Anglo - Saxon period into the 19th century
and beyond

1/11/22 Dickensian Ipswich
Dickens found inspiration in Ipswich ! On his visits to the town he was
fascinated by our colourful local characters, and horrified by our
corrupt elections . Scandalized by The Great White Horse Hotel and
intrigued by an eerie tale he heard in a Churchyard.

17/11/22 Ipswich's Great Son, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey.
Wolsey was born and raised in Ipswich during the 15th century. On
this walk we will examine the possible sites that he knew in the town,
including contenders for the birthplace, and the site of his School,
and over tea and cakes consider his legacy, and the way that his work
affected the common man of medieval England.