Heart Of Ipswich
Dates: 3rd May, 28th June 2022
Take a walk towards the town centre to see some of our most interesting buildings and to hear about the colourful characters and dramatic events which have shaped our heritage.

All walks start at 2 pm See About Us page

From Waterfront to Christchurch Park
Dates: 10th May, 2022
We head inland from the port pausing to see a fine C15th Gatehouse, and to discuss the engineer Robert Ransome. We will see a fine Grade I listed Church and recall the gift of Christchurch Mansion to the town by Felix Thornley Cobbold.

The Architectural Gems of Ipswich
Dates: 14th June 2022
Join us as we introduce you to some of the most outstanding and iconic buildings in Ipswich.
We have a wonderful architectural heritage , from medieval Churches and timber framed buildings to modern masterpieces.

The Story Of Saxon Ipswich
Dates: 17th May, 2022
Ipswich may be be the oldest English town , a river port since the 7th
century, and a centre for international trade and craft production.
Discover our links to king Readvald and the Angles, and visit the Saxon
heart of the town.

Our Glorious Churches
Dates: 24th May 2022
Discover some of our finest medieval churches, and hear about their
long history, some are still parish churches and some have been
repurposed for the 21st Century. Visit the newly restored Unitarian
Meeting House, described as one of the best in England.

To Holywells Park
Dates: 31st May 2022
Learn about the 19th century industrial life of Ipswich before heading
inland to visit Holywells Park ,hear about its history and recent
renovation with aid from the National Lottery heritage Fund.

Tudor Ipswich
7th June 2022
Discover a thriving town and port due to the woollen cloth trade, but
also suffering huge religious turmoil. Hear about the merchants who
traded with the known world , the explorers who circumnavigated the
globe, and those who left Ipswich to settle in the new world.

Come South Over Stoke
Dates 21st June 2022
Venture over the bridge to the ancient parish of Stoke. Visit a late
medieval inn, The people's Hall, and grade 1 listed St. Mary's church,
hear about Stoke Hall and its mysterious tunnels.